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The Ragged Mountain Resort currently consists of a ski area with seven lifts and two lodges. It has an 18-hole golf course. It's ski lifts provide access to two peaks and 45 trails. One lodge provides service to day skiers with a cafeteria, food service, lounge, bar, and pizza restaurant, while the second lodge is used for administrative purposes, ski rentals, ski schools and ski patrols. At the base of the mountain lies our 18-hole golf course which stays open during summer months.

the_lodgeProposed New Four Season Lodge & Spa

We are now raising $35 million in investment capital to significantly enhance the capacity, accommodations and services of Ragged Mountain Resort. The job creating entity is Ragged Mountain, Inc. who will invest $24.4 million, first expanding and upgrading the ski resort including adding a new ski lift, snowmaking equipment, other amenities; and enhancing the resort’s summer activities.

The balance of $10.6 million is designated for a lodge and property including redevelopment by Ragged Mountain Resort Development, Inc. Also included is the construction of hotel/condominium units on land obtained and designated by it, mechanical and common areas, dining area, spa facility, retail shop, expanded rental area and administration offices.

A Qualified Investment for Qualified EB-5 Investors

Ragged Mountain Resort Development Inc. is pleased to offer immigrant investors the opportunity to participate in an extensive development expansion of its year-round accommodations and services. We are offering 99% ownership in a limited partnership in exchange for $35 million that will fund this component of our master plan – a project which has secured the support of the New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center and is an EB-5 approved investment. Your funds would be used to increase the resort ski lift capacity to support up to 30% more skiers; construct a lodge, condominiums, along with additional amenities and activities to enhance the customer experience.


Targeted Investors

Job Creation

Investment Requirements

Immigrant Investor Timeline

Syndication & Development Fee

EB-5 Investment Model

Ragged Mountain Site Map


Targeted Investors

Ragged Mountain Resort EB-5 investment is for a qualified investor seeking a low-risk opportunity at a proven business with an experienced developer. The close proximity to Boston’s medical, educational and business community ensure buyers have immediate access to the resources they expect. With our investor VIP package providing access to the hiking and skiing trails and championship golf course, if you are eager to take advantage of your Green Card by enjoying the year-round recreational, educational and cultural amenities of the United States there is no better opportunity than Ragged Mountain Resort.

Job Creation

Since the entire EB-5 Regional Center program is based on direct and indirect job creation – meeting the job creation goals is our highest priority. We commissioned a comprehensive economic analysis of Ragged Mountain Resort and specifically the economic effects of this project. In order to provide “permanent” Green Cards to all 70 of our immigrant visa investors, we need to create 700 jobs. The economic reports is projecting 1,097 direct, indirect and induced jobs will be created by the Ragged Mountain Resort Project. Our development and management team understand that documented job development in accordance with the methodology of the USCIS is an essential component of success for this project.

Investment Requirements

Investment Amount. You are required to invest $500,000 within a TEA which is the minimum amount allowed by U.S law to qualify for EB-5 Green Card with a TEA.

A Law Abiding Citizen. You must demonstrate that you are a upstanding member of your community with no pending criminal action against you.

Validate Source of Funds. You must demonstrate that your $500,000 of investment capital is in fact yours and acquired from legal business activities.

EB-5 Gift. EB-5 funds can also be provided as a gift to you from qualified relatives or business partners. However, you still must demonstrate that the money was generated from legal business activities.

Investment. Your EB-5 capital investment must be an at-risk, non-guaranteed investment in an operating business. Your investment through the New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center meets all USCIS requirements.

Residency. Your EB-5 visa will have no residency requirement that you live in the state of New Hampshire or even the New England area. You have the choice to live anywhere in the United States, or choose to travel back and forth to the U.S. on a regular basis.

Immigrant Visa Investor Timeline


Investor Deposits $545,000 in a Qualified Bank Account. The $45,000 Syndication & Development Fee is released to the Regional Center.


With the assistance of his/her immigration attorney and support from the Regional Center, the Investor files the I-526 Immigrant petition.


USCIS processes the I-526 immigration petition including completing a background check and verifying the source of the Investor's funds.


Upon I-526 approval, Investor receives Green Card and $500,000 is released to the New Hampshire Ragged Mountain Resort Investment Limited Partnership.


New Hampshire Ragged Mountain Resort Investment Limited Partnership loans the Investors funds to Ragged Mountain, Inc.


After two years, the 10 or more direct or indirect jobs are created upon completion of the Ragged Mountain expansion.


With the assistance of the Regional Center, Investor submits I-829 petition to remove conditions on his/her U.S. residence.


Investor and his/her family receive permanent Green Cards and implement investment exit strategy.


Investor Option: Apply for U.S. Citizenship.

What is the Syndication and Development Fee?

In addition to your $500,000 direct investment into the New Hampshire Ragged Mountain Resort Investment Limited Partnership, you pay an additional ten percent non-refundable Syndication and Development Fee for placement, promotional and administrative fees and expenses associated with your investment. This $45,000 fee also includes our support of your initial I-526 VISA application and subsequent I-829 petition, and ongoing reporting to you and the USCIS.

EB-5 Investment Model

Coincidentally, two of Ragged Mountain Resort’s neighboring competitors are New England based Regional Centers that have executed highly successful expansions using EB-5 derived investment capital. Their success has been largely founded on their ability to provide a diverse array of year-round services, modern lifts and snow making equipment, and ample overnight lodging accommodations. Ragged Mountain is closer to the Boston metropolitan area that either of these competitors.

As a successful operating four-season ski and golf resort, Ragged Mountain is primed for this expansion of enhanced services, overnight accommodations and residential opportunities--all making it a particular effective EB-5 investment. In addition, the resort industry has typically been a high job producing sector providing added safety in securing a permanent Green Card for you and your family.

Ragged Mountain Site Map



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This is not an offer or a solicitation to invest in any securities. Offerings will only be made to qualified investors pursuant to exemptions from registration requirements allowed under relevant U.S. securities laws. 

Investment in the New Hampshire Ragged Mountain Resort Investment L.P. is subject to all the risks normally associated with the financing of commercial real estate and resort development. The investment is suitable only for those persons who can afford to bear such risks and who have no need for liquidity from such investment. Each prospective investor should consider carefully the risk factors attendant to the purchase of a Unit and should seek independent professional advice his own legal, tax and financial advisors. As required by the governments EB5 laws, the acquisition and ownership of a Partnership Unit involve risk. 

The information contained herein has been obtained from sources deemed reliable but no representation or warranty is made as to its accuracy or completeness. Prospective investors are urged to refer to the partnership documents for complete information concerning the rights and obligations of the parties to such documents.

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Increase Resort Capacity and Quality
of Ski, Golf and other Activities

Lodge Expansion including Hotel,
Condominiums, Spa and Retail